The unveiling of the new Highway Sign - my winning design was the inspiration

April Dyck’s Art Creation Process

As an artist I like the whole process of  creation of a piece of art.   Many of my works are on cradled platforms.   I starting making my own platforms (canvas) a couple of years ago.  It was a good solution for me because I like to do large work.

I start by buying high quality Birch plywood door skin, Grade A.  Once cut to the sizes I determine, they are sanded and primed.  For strength and durability I construct a frame on the back using cedar strapping for support.  The end result is a lightweight, durable platform for my artwork.

Quality matters to me and I use quality paints.  I prefer oils because of the proven durability of that medium.

I usually work from my imagination and my painting process starts with an idea or an image in my mind.  Then I try to get this image on canvas.  Using oil paint is a slow process and some large paintings take a year to finish.    The reason for this is I like to layer colour onto colour to achieve a luminosity.  To achieve this technique the paint needs to cure between layers.

Often I will draw onto my paintings.  I trying to express how everything is connected, lead the eye, and isolate colours.

 I am proud to offer a quality product that will last the test of time.  Each of my paintings are unique and beautiful. – April Dyck